Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is DotB?

Duel of the Buffoons is a science-fiction universe that I have created with the help of several of my friends. It was started when a couple of said friends and I got together in October of 2008, and while we talked one of them outlined an idea he had had for a story. It was something like this: "The characters, who are based on us, are leaders on the moon. Someone from earth tries to invade, but we manage to defeat them." That's really about all there was. I took the idea and ran with it, turning it into what it is now. Since then the story has filled in a lot.
It's 2053, and India and China are on the brink of war. Since the US was thrown off of Luna in 2039, it has hungered to recapture the colonies there, who control much of Earth's energy economy. This ambition was stopped by China, who threatened to go to war with the US. Now it can scarcely afford to, and the US knows it. They begin a secret fleet, which is discovered by Lunar Intelligence. When China withdraws it's cislunar patrols on August 19th, the countdown begins to war.

DOTB is still very much a work in progress, and I am not going to let too much out of the bag yet. However, I do have several links where information can be found.
The first is the DOTB sourcebook. This book has not been updated in almost a year, and much of what it contains in obsolete, particularly on spacecraft. All of the ships will remain, though any information is for historical use only. The rest of the book is still applicable.
Second is the report on the Aurek C15. It has been slightly updated since I finished it at the end of school.
Third, the AII video, which is still the same.
Fourthly, the short story Anniversary, which I wrote for my first semester AII on lunar colonization. It's set in 2069, after the war.

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